Your name is Photon, and you belong to a race of beings capable of generating free energy. When humanity found out, they decided to enslave you and your people. What does the future hold for Photon?


Move: WASD or Left Click

Pulse: E or Right Click

Wait: Q or Middle Mouse

Pass Dialogue: Space, Enter or Left Click

Pause: Esc

Skip Cutscene: Tab


Q: The puzzles are too hard, is there anyway to make the game easier? 

A:  We can give you a couple hints for each of the "difficult" levels. Of course, SPOLIERS ahead. Read them in our blog post called Hints (<- click this)

* and maybe a cheat button is available there as well

QI got stuck in one of the puzzles, can I restart the level?

A: Yes you can, just press "Esc" Key to open the Pause Menu, and then hit Restart.

QCan I skip the Intro cutscene? It's my 2nd time and it's super long... 

A: Yes you can, just press "Tab" Key while in the opening cutscene.

Q: I am currently stuck at the dialog, and no button would work, how should I proceed?

A: There could be two issues:
 1) Your ad-blocker is blocking some input for some reason. We recommend disabling that and refreshing the page.
 2) Hit "Tab" a few times to make sure the focus is on the game.


Tiny - Game Designer, Main Programmer

Valentino Collazo - Level and Game Designer, Programmer, Pixel Artist

Bruno - Character Designer & Animator,  Dialogue Writer, Pixel Artist

Felipe - Story Artist, Pixel Artist, Programmer

Thibault Torzuoli - Music & SFX

Lohanna - Pixel Artist


For GoGodot Jam 2

Jam Duration: 2 Weeks

Theme: Energy Source

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsTinyGodzilla, Valentino_Collazo, Dust Dune, bro_bruno, ttorzuoli
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Pixel Art, Story Rich
Average sessionAbout an hour

Development log


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Suck a nice setting! Love the concept


That last puzzle had me for an hour.

Hey tiny can u help me with something? I want to know how you limited the key pressing to one at a time? I wanna do the same. I couldn't find ur discord so I am asking here sorry my discord is "ᕙBOGéᕗ#6682"

Sure. Messaged you on discord.

Great graphics and good mechanics!

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!